Alarm Receiver

AlarmCloudReceiver Solutions tackle the VoIP Problem Head On. The Cloud based platform was designed to help ARCs and Alarm Installers overcome the communication issues caused by VoIP. Systems using PSTN are becoming more unreliable each month as Phone companies quietly switch to VoIP in the background to reduce costs. The goal of our AlarmCloudReceiver Solutions is to do whatever possible to help Alarm Installers and ARCs retain their customers by allowing them to use their existing alarm panel and whatever type of phone service is available on site. Whether your customers use PSTN, VoIP or GSM terminals, we can reliably receive signals on your behalf and forward them directly into your automation system. Our Virtual Receivers are immune to all of the issues associated with VoIP and our solutions add value by introducing line supervision, redundancy and disaster recovery features.

VoIP Repair Service Cloud based service that repairs alarm signals damaged by the unwanted effects of Voice over IP networks and forwards them direct into your automation system
VoIP Optimization Service Allows your subscribers to use any make or model of VoIP equipment and any type of VoIP service. Optimises the connection to prevent corruption before it happens.
VoIP Maximize Service Use Cisco VoIP adapters and our custom firmware to take full control of the network between an alarm panel and your Central Station
Dialer Capture Technology Embrace the Cloud and use dialer capture firmware with Cisco VoIP adapters to completely bypass all problems associated with VoIP
VoIP P2P Technology Cut out middle men and avoid monthly service fees by using Cisco VoIP adapters and point to point technology into your analog receivers over IP

AlarmCloud gets your New Monitoring Business out of the Starting Blocks

AlarmCloud allows New Start ARCs to get up and running in just a few hours without any up front investment. No phone lines to order, no receivers to buy and no automation software required. AlarmCloud receives signals in almost any format over any transmission path and places each event into a queue. An operator can easily access the alarm queue from any computer or mobile device using a web browser.

Alarm Monitoring Automation Software Web based alarm monitoring automation software platform with an alarm queue for live operators to access from any computer or mobile device
Mobile SOS Alert SOS alert monitoring and GPS tracking from your choice of off the shelf smart phone apps for your Apple, Android or Windows Phone
VoIP Service High availabilty Voice over IP service with built-in failover for ARCs where being without phone service even for a short time is not an option
Automation Link Software Free AlarmCloud Link Software that provides an IP connection into your alarm monitoring automation software via serial or TCP
Manufacturer and Developer API Application Programmers Interface for manufacturers and software developers. We can get signals from your equipment into any CMS worldwide
Virtual Keypad Virtual Keypad software for Microsoft Windows. Easily raise panic, medical, fire or custom alerts from any number of computers within your network