IPtoPOTS Solution Overview

The IPtoPOTS architecture requires Zero Configuration within your Alarm Monitoring Centre and allows alarm panels to send out signals over IP from sites where there is no phone line available. The AlarmCloud Platform puts the signals back onto a PSTN phone line and into your existing analog alarm receivers. There are no call costs and your Customers will benefit by avoiding calls to costly non-geographical numbers.

IPtoPOTS Architecture

Problems caused by VoIP

As you will already be well aware, alarm signals do not communicate reliably when sent over a next generation network or a 3rd party VoIP service provider. IP Alarms have developed an in depth understanding of alarm transmission over IP and can show you that once the VoIP provider is removed from the equation, it is perfectly reliable to use standard, "off the shelf" analog terminal adapters like the Linksys SPA3102 or Cisco SPA112 for alarm transmission.


IPtoPOTS Flyer