100% Cloud Solution Overview

IP Alarms have developed Alarm Monitoring solutions and the web based AlarmCloud platform that allow us to receive alarm signals from any panel that uses a DTMF based alarm format like Contact ID. Signals are converted locally by a Cisco device and sent to software based Virtual Receivers running in The Cloud. The AlarmCloud platform allows you to set filters so that you can control which events are forwarded to your monitoring software. We can forward signals to you via an automation software API, a Surgard IP Receiver or we can provide you with a Windows software application called the AlarmCloudClient that plugs into your monitoring software via serial or TCP. If you want us to forward signals in your own custom format, then let us know how you would like them sending and we will do our best to oblige.

Cloud Architecture

Remote Panel Programming (Upload/Download)

Using a Cisco device with our Downloader settings, you can connect to any alarm panel over IP in exactly the same way you connect today using PSTN. Connect your panel programming software and modem into the Cisco device in your office and the AlarmCloud platform will convert the dialed phone number into an IP address and port number so that it can ring the Cisco device connected to the panel modem. The panel will pick up the call and a downloading session will commence.

2-Way Voice

Two-way voice for Medical Alert systems and audio verification of security alarms is supported over IP via the AlarmCloud Platform for panels that use Contact ID. On receipt of an E606 Listen-in event, calls can be forwarded to any number of IP phones at any location. The phone extension number can be passed into your alarm monitoring software so that your operators know how to pickup the correct call.


AlarmCloud Flyer

IP Receiver