A Simple IP Conversion Device is all that is Required

Buttons, pendants, wrist-watches, and all other types of sensors are totally unaffected by 21CN. The only piece of equipment that requires an upgrade is the main device that connects to the phone line and dials a call to the Monitoring Centre.

The doom mongers are right about one thing. The analogue modem built into your device may cease to work reliably over a BT 21CN line. But why replace all of your other equipment just because of a single isolated problem, when that problem is easily solved ?

Sadly, the onslaught of 21CN and VoIP has presented many in the Telecare industry with a "once in a decade opportunity" to make a killing. There is no shortage of companies lining up to tell you "the sky is falling in" and that you should install brand new systems before it's too late. They seem to be oblivious to the ongoing recession and tight budgets that many have to adhere to. Their proposals are simply unrealistic !

IP Alarms have developed a custom solution using very high spec hardware developed by Cisco - one of the largest consumer electronic companies in the world. With over ten million devices in use in over 50 countries worldwide, you can rest assured that our solution is by far the most robust on the market. The fact that it will cost you a fraction of what others are asking you to pay is just icing on the cake.