Virtual Monitoring Platform

Virtual Monitoring is included as part of the IP Suite and is a fully automated monitoring platform that provides a web browser interface to end users. Subscribers can maintain their own Contact lists seperate to those in the automation system and control how and when email or text alerts are sent when their alarm is activated. Virtual Monitoring can be used as a tool to filter out non emergency events which in turn frees up valuable operator time.

IP Camera Integration

The IP Suite Camera Manager component allows you to maintain a record of any number of IP cameras for each Client in the IP Suite database. The camera database stores details of the manufacturer, model and the type of software command that it supports.

When an alarm signal is received, the IP Suite checks the database to find out what triggers should be issued to IP cameras on the security system and sends out the appropriate command.

Suite of Server Components

Virtual Receiver: receives signals from Linksys & Diginet adapters

Automation Link: forwards signals to your automation software

Heartbeat Engine: raises alerts when client adapters lose supervision

Camera Manager: triggers IP cameras on receipt of alarm signals