The UK Telecare Monitoring Industry is Evolving

The onslaught of BT's 21CN network is affecting Telecare Monitoring services in the UK. The latest announcements from BT indicate that any area of the UK could be subject to upgrade. The TSA is advising members to press ahead with, or even accelerate, their 21CN planning, as migration may come much sooner than originally anticipated to a particular area. Local authorities are charged with finding a solution to the problem before any emergency signals go astray. Many have jumped the gun and replaced complete systems, detectors and all, with new ones when all that is required is a simple upgrade kit.


BT's 21CN is an IP (Internet Protocol) based digital network and utilises the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for voice communications. Telecare, community alarm, Telecare, careline and social alarm signalling equipment is analogue - not digital. Research shows that connecting analogue equipment to a digital network can cause a failure in communication for many different reasons. The Telecare IP Upgrade Kit addresses these issues by creating a controlled network connection between the client premises and the monitoring server.

Upgrade Kit

Telecare Upgrade Kits are available as "IP Only" or "Dual Path". The IP Only Kit is the simplest and most cost effective solution for upgrading your Telecare equipment so that communication is made over the Internet rather than landline. The Dual Path Kit has the additional ability to communicate with the Monitoring Centre over the wireless GSM network should the Internet connection fail. Both kits are "Plug n' Play" and no reprogramming of the Telecare unit is required.


The Telecare Upgrade Kit is telecommunications equipment and does not alter your Telecare equipment in any way. The product bears the CE mark indicating compliance with the 89/336/EEC directive. Conformity with the following standards is declared: EN61000-4-2:1995, EN61000-4-4:1997, EN61000-4-4:1995, EN61000-4-5:1995, EN61000-4-6:1996, EN61000-4-8:1994, EN61000-3-2:2001, EN61000-3-3:1995 and EN55022:1998 Class B.

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