Our aim is to tackle the challenges of VoIP and 21CN head on and provide UK ARC's and installers with a reliable, low cost upgrade path to IP for their Grade 2 systems. We have succeeded at doing this in other countries and look forward to sharing our experience with the UK industry.

21CN Rollout

BT are moving across the country and upgrading every PSTN landline to IP (Internet Protocol). This will make every monitored alarm system unreliable as the delays in the IP network cause communications with the Alarm Receiving Centre to fail. IP Alarms have already had years of experience in overcoming these problems with our many clients in North America. In these tough economic times, the cost of upgrading alarm systems to IP is becoming an increasingly important factor in the decision making process. We have addressed this concern where others have failed.

Manufacturing and Software Development

Our Diginet devices are manufactured by our partners in the UK. We are constantly developing relationships with companies worldwide in our ongoing effort to expand our product range. Our policy is to write custom firmware for existing, licensed hardware devices and harness proven reliability. Our approach allows us to work with local regulators to meet any required standards.

Our Linksys Alarm Monitoring Solution makes full use of features that are only available from manufacturers like Linksys/Cisco and the vast resources they have avilable to them. Their products have been through all the rigorous tests that the standards bodies worldwide demand. This is especially important for the security, fire and medical monitoring industries and provides peace of mind that hardware failure will be as low as is practically possible. Devices bear the CE marking indicating compliance with the 89/336/EEC directive.

Our software applications and back end databases are Microsoft Windows based and are developed using Visual Studio.Net and SQL Server. Web applications and web services are written in ASP.net