DSC IP Communicators

The range of IP & GPRS communicators from DSC are perhaps the most appropriate add-on devices for monitoring DSC alarm panels over IP and the majority of DSC IP & GPRS products are fully compatible with Virtual Receivers running within AlarmCloud.

dsc alarm monitoring

No Requirement for a Surgard IP Receiver

By utilising Virtual Receivers running in AlarmCloud, there is no requirement for your company to purchase expensive Surgard IP receivers in order to receive signals over the Internet from DSC alarm panels. Simply point your DSC IP Communicators to our platform and signals will be displayed to your operators in their on-screen alarm queue within a second.

AlarmCloud handles all supervision packets on your behalf, which means that the DSC T-Link range of IP/GPRS Communicators do not place any bandwidth loads on your network. This allows smaller Monitoring Companies to easily receive hundreds or even thousands of alarm signals a day over even the most basic DSL or cable Internet connection. If your Internet connection fails, don't worry, we will get signals to you using a pre-arranged alternative path.