eMACSys is the world's first Cloud based security alarm panel where all security system processing logic is handled server-side rather than client-side. What this means is that the on-site eMACSys equipment contains only enough logic to forward all changes in detector state to the server and fallback into "local mode" in the event of network failure.

Alarm Panels before eMACSys

Very little has changed with traditional alarm panels since the 1980's when remote keypads first came on the scene. The eMACSys solution provokes a radical new way of thinking that is unlikely to be accepted by security industry veterans. This presents a great opportunity for modern, forward thing alarm companies to get ahead of the curve.

Modular and Brandable

The eMACSys solution is modular in design and very flexible. The image on the left shows how modules connect to the main board via ribbon cables. You start with the main module, add 8 zone input modules, perhaps an output module and then an Ethernet or Cellular Module to communicate with the server.

For Alarm Installers and Integrators, the most important thing is that you source your own PSU/housing based on local requirements. As end user smart phones are used instead of traditional remote keypads to arm and disarm the system, the solution becomes totally brandable. Server platforms and smart phone applications can have your company look and feel.