Two Way Voice over IP

It's probably a lot more robust than you think. Migration away from PSTN lines is an especially difficult decision for medical alert installers and monitoring providers. Concerns over Internet and power failures have prevented many from making the move to IP, but it is the path of choice where an Internet connection is already in place. Some systems will be migrated to IP-only, some to GSM-only and some will use dual path IP+GSM. The only certainty being that systems have to be migrated away from PSTN as its future can no longer be guaranteed.

2 way voice

Receiver-less 2-Way Voice Verification

We developed our two-way voice solution back in 2024 and it has proven to be very reliable. There is obviously nothing we can do to prevent power or Internet failures, but our solution will let you know within minutes when this happens.

Our 2-Way technology replaces your analog alarm receiver and phone system. We receive the emergency signal and Contact ID 606 Listen-In signal in a very reliable way without any risk of codec, compression or latency issues that plague 21CN & VoIP. Our platform advises your monitoring automation software which extension calls are parked on. Your operators can enter the extension number into their IP phones and get connected to the correct subscriber. All of this is 100% IP and handled within the Cloud.